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Our company is an industry leader in the engineering, design, construction and installation of incinerator plants, thought and made for a secure and fast waste incineration.

Our technicians guarantee a complete formation to our clients, continuously supporting them and assuring a preventive maintenance of the installed equipment.
Thanks to our technicians’ experience and expertise, we can meet any requirement: indeed, we can design and build customized systems based on customer specifications, in compliance with our hallmark standards of high quality and reliability.
Our incinerators range includes batch-type ovens as well as continuous-feed ones, with rotary or static combustion chamber. Destructive capacity could vary from tens of kilograms per cycle to thousands of kilograms per hour.

Where is technically possible and appropriate, our plants could be integrated with:

- Automatic feeding system;
- Energy recovery system;
- Pollutants (flue gases) treatment system;
- Emissions monitoring system;
- Remote assistance;
- Mobile installation in containers.

The incinerators are CE Marking.

Incinerators for Hospital Waste - Mod. Nice  



Incinerators for Organic Waste - Mod. Rolling