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STATIC: Incinerators for Hospital Waste

Incinerators for Hospital Waste - Mod. Static

The "STATIC" series of incinerators are the static combustion chamber type designed for the thermal destruction of waste from inpatient wards, laboratories and operating theatres of small and medium-sized hospitals.
This type of incinerator effectively disposes of such waste guaranteeing complete oxidation of the organic substances without causing unpleasant emissions into the atmosphere, which can be harmful to health. .
The STATIC model incinerators, made in 3 different types - 05-10-20 – with a combustion chamber volume of 0.50-1.00-2.00 m3 respectively, can be equipped with burners working with diesel, natural gas or LPG.
Simple to install and easy to use thanks to their flexibility, no qualified personnel required.


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